Palm Sunday The Soon Coming King

Palm Sunday: Sermon in Spanish

I Will Build My Church

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Peace That Passes All Understanding

Recover All

The Light of Faith

A New Wine Skin

The New Wine Skin:2020

Elisha and the Shunammite Woman:Favor For Your Future

Words That Work

The Holy Spirit 8: The Fruit of Love

The Holy Spirit 7: How Spiritual Gifts Operate

The Holy Spirit 6: Worshiping in the Spirit

The Holy Spirit 5:The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit 4: Why Tongues?

The Holy Spirit 3

The Holy Spirit 2:The Anointing

The Holy Spirit 1: Fire upon the Altar

A Determined Outcome 8: Ask, Seek, Knock

A Determined Outcome 7: Making your Stand

A Determined Outcome 6

Vision Sunday 2020

A Determined Outcome 5: My Plan for Success